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Released in 2013

Pre-release (2012) Athletics edition - 20 copies. Sold out.

Pre-release (2012) Athletics editon - 28 copies. Sold out.

Hardwood Edition (Aintree 1987 - 2013) - 25 copies. Sold out.

Hardwood Edition  (Aintree 1977 - 1986) - 10 copies Sold out.


 Steeplechase is a race horse meetng played on a wooden board with wooden pieces.





 You are trying to win the race by outbluffing and outguessing your opponents. 




You will race along the track to the finish line jumping hurdles on the way.

The dealer will secretly give you a movement token.  On your turn you must decide whether to play your token or swap with another play in the hope of getting something better. But watch out, if you land on a hurdle you can't move. 

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Devised on 2nd November 2011.

Originally named Olympic Runners changed to Steeplechase to avoid copyright issues.

Official Release date May 2013 at UK Games Expo.