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 Games List

Below is a list of all the games in my catalogue. The list includes the date of the initial concept, the type of mechanic, the development status. 'At Show' means copies may be available to buy at UKGE or Essen Spiel game shows prior to official release.

Pass Time - 22/6/21. Voting party game.

Mutate - 14/4/21.  DNA  code breaking.

Cubiko 4 - 18/7/20. Dexterity. Playtesting.

Breakout - 17/7/20. Race/maze. Concept.

Au - 15/5/20. Trading

Split the booty - 18/2/20. Bidding.

Trilock - 10/12/19. Area Control. Playtesting.

No10 - 7/11/19. Area Control. Playtesting.

SANTA - 20/11/18. Dexterity. Prototype.

MOTORWAY MAYHEM. 30/10/18. Programming. Playtesting.

NO MANS LAND. 7/7/18. Dexterity. Concept.

CROCODILE ISLANDS. 6/6/18. Dexterity. At Show.

WEASEL. 14/2/18. Push your luck, negotiation, race. At Show.

DRIVING TEST v2. 12/11/17. Route planning. Concept.

HALLE 7. 29/10/17. Dexterity. Prototype.

VELODROME. 8/9/17. Race. At Show.

DRIVING TEST. 13/2/17. Worker placement. Playtesting.

SILVERSTONE. 30/11/16. Racing. Playtesting.

YOU'VE LOST YOUR MARBLES. 22/8/16. Marbles. Playtesting.

GRIDLOCK. 27/6/16. Pattern building. At Show.

CHOPSTICKS. 18/5/16. Dexterity. At Show.

RALLY X. 22/4/16. Racing. At Show.

THE BUTLER DID IT. 30/3/16. Memory. Playtesting.

WRECKING CUBE. 27/2/16. Dexterity. At Show

TRAMPOLINE. 7/1/16. Area control. Playtesting.

CARREAU. 18/12/2015. Dexterity. Released 2018.

QUICKFIRE. 30/10/15. Dexterity. At Show.

TOP GUN. 1/9/15. Programming. Playtesting.

MAKE HAY. 17/11/14. Programming. At Show.


 17/12/13. Dexterity. Released

Paras - 3/12/13. Area Control. Released.

QE. 5/11/13. Auction. Released 2017.

SNAPPS. 13/9/2013. Dexterity. Released.

FIREWHEELS. 2/1/13. Dexterity. Playtesting.

HOLE OF DOOM. 26/12/12. Dexterity. Released.

CLOCKWISE. 22/12/12. Area Control. Playtesting.

FREEZE. 15/12/2012. Dexterity. Playtesting.

FOG OF WAR. 27/11/2012. Area Control. Released.

AUCTION HOUSE. 10/10/12. At Show.

LIDO. 23/9/12. Area control. Playtesting.

APPLE PIE. 21/9/12. Area control. Future release planned.

PIG. 15/9/12. Set collection. Concept.

AVALANCHE. 8/9/2012. Race. Concept.

YELLOW JERSEY. 2/2/2012. Race. Released.

KINGDOWN. 8/5/2012. Area Control. Future released planned.

STEEPLECHASE. 2/2/2012. Race. Released.

FOUNDATION. Area Control. Released.

CHEESE FACTORY. 10/10/2010. Area control. Released.

WORD. 9/10/2009. Dexterity. Released.



Devised by G. Birnbaum - Nov 2008

RELEASED. June 2009

Progress. 1st edition - 100 copies.
               2nd edition - 100 copies.
               3rd edition- 300 copies
               4th edition - 108 copies
               5th edition - 350 copies.
               6th edition - 20 copies.
               7th edition - TBC

Availibility. via e-mail