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                                    Games List

VELODROME. 8/9/17. Race. Playtesting. 

DRIVING TEST.   13/2/17. Worker placement. Playtesting.

SILVERSTONE.    30/11/16. Racing. Playtesting.

YOU'VE LOST YOUR MARBLES.   22/8/16. Marbles. Playtesting.

GRIDLOCK.   27/6/16. Pattern building. Future release planned.

HOCKEY STICKS.   18/5/16.  Dexterity. Release ready.

RALLY X.   22/4/16. Racing. Future release planned.

THE BUTLER DID IT.   30/3/16. Memory. Playtesting.

WRECKING CUBE.   27/2/16. Dexterity. Future release planned.

TRAMPOLINE.   7/1/16. Area control. Playtesting.

CARREAU.   18/12/2015. Dexterity. Release scheduled for 2018.

QUICKFIRE.   30/10/15. Dexterity. Future release planned.

TOP GUN.   1/9/15. Programming. Playtesting.

MAKE HAY.   17/11/14. Programming. Future release planned.


 17/12/13. Dexterity. Released

SCATTERBOMB. 3/12/13. Area Control. Future release planned.

QE.  5/11/13. Auction. Release scheduled for 2017.

SNAPPS.   13/9/2013. Dexterity. Released.

FIREWHEELS.   2/1/13. Dexterity. Playtesting.

HOLE OF DOOM.   26/12/12. Dexterity. Released.

CLOCKWISE.   22/12/12. Area Control. Playtesting.

FREEZE.   15/12/2012. Dexterity. Playtesting.

FOG OF WAR.   27/11/2012. Area Control. Released.

AUCTION HOUSE.   10/10/12. Auction. Future release planned.


LIDO.   23/9/12. Area control. Playtesting.

APPLE PIE.   21/9/12. Area control. Future release planned.

PIG.  15/9/12. Set collection. Concept.

AVALANCHE.   8/9/2012.  Race. Concept.

YELLOW JERSEY.  2/2/2012. Race. Released.

KINGDOWN.   8/5/2012. Area Control. Future released planned.

STEEPLECHASE.  2/2/2012. Race. Released.

FOUNDATION. Area Control. Released.

CHEESE FACTORY. 10/10/2010. Area control. Released.

WORD.   9/10/2009. Dexterity. Released.



Devised by G. Birnbaum - Nov 2008

RELEASED. June 2009

Progress. 1st edition - 100 copies.

                   2nd edition - 100 copies.

                   3rd edition-  300 copies

                   4th edition - 108 copies  

                   5th edition - 350 copies. 

                   6th edition - 20 copies.

                   7th edition - TBC      

Availibility. via e-mail